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Thank you so much for taking the time to review the FAQs, we greatly appreciate it.
We are more than happy to answer all your questions
and enjoy hearing from you.
These are just the questions that people are most
commonly looking for answers to.
Please do contact me about additional inquiries.

Where are you located?
We are located on a beautiful 45 acre farm in Arthur, Ontario.
Address and Driving Directions

How long have you been breeding?
We have been committed to breeding quality working lines for over 21 years.
We have bred and trained generations of our own dogs
and know each and every pedigree and individual inside and out.
If we are buying adults or puppies it is with a great deal
of thought and bringing in pedigrees and qualities that compliment
and seek to improve our dogs on every level.

Why choose us ?
I think mainly what makes us different is we do not kennel our dogs,
all of our adults and our puppies are raised in our home.
The dogs are with us at all times, and our life and schedule revolves around
their care and as well as our other animals, including our racehorses and sheep.
I train and trial my own dogs, to the best of my ability.
If you know me...you know I am a pedigree freak and know in detail
the pedigrees of every dog we have, their work ethic, and also
their strengths and weaknesses. It is very important to me my dogs represent
the correct temperament and drive that a working line dog should have.

We are also absolutely committed to our puppies
and require they be returned to us if for any reason their family cannot keep them.
We will always and have always provided a home for any puppy we brought into this world.
This also applies to puppies flying to their new homes.


We are now fully open after two plus years of restrictions.

Many of my feelings surrounding COVID remain,
in that so many people rushed to get puppies (or other pets)...now unfortuantely,
shelters are overwhelmed with unwanted pets of every kind.

I still urge prospective clients to research their breed and breeder,
I can tell you with all honesty,
a breeders job, is to make their next generation better.
That is the goal of someone who loves their breed
and sees their dogs without rose coloured glasses.

They should work their dogs...in a venue that is specific to their breed,
and really look their dogs with honest eyes, there is no perfect dog.
Their job is NOT to mass produce puppies to meet a demand.

Do you have puppies available?
I try very hard to keep the information on the website current,
if we have puppies available there will be a link at the top of each page
to information about the current litter.
Information about our planned and upcoming litters will be detailed on the
Our Girls page
This would include if a breeding has taken place,
approx arrival of puppies and take home dates.

Can we meet the adult dogs/parents?

You can meet all of our dogs.
In many cases we have several generations
and/or siblings/parents of expected litters.
I very much enjoy showing the dogs off and answering
any questions you might have.
I do require you make an appointment in advance,
I am sorry but I am not available for drop ins.

Pregnant females are not available for viewing within one week of their due date.
Puppies/Mothers are not available for visits until the puppies are 6 weeks of age.
We hope you can appreciate this is in the best interests
of both the mom and her babies.

In litters where an outside owned male is used for Stud serice,
the Sire will not be available for viewing.

What Health Testing do your Adult dogs have?
Our dogs Hips and Elbows are cleared thru OFA,
if we have dogs cleared by in-house Xrays this information will be listed on the website.
OFA certification links are available on line.
Imported Dogs have Hard copy for viewing.
Degenerative Myelopathy testing is thru OFA or Gensol Diagnostics,
in many cases we have dogs "cleared by parentage"
where both parents are N/N by OFA or Gensol testing.
We also have hard copy certificates available for viewing.
We are currently starting to test our dogs using Embark,
please continue to check updates on the Girls page .

How much are the puppies?
Unless otherwise noted under a female's individual column on
Our Girls page.

Puppy price is $2500.00

Do not contact me asking to purchase a puppy for a lower price
OR a puppy without registration papers.
Under NO circumstances do we barter on the price of our puppies
or offer discounted puppies, all puppies come with
CKC Non Breeding registration papers.
Further, I do not respond to inquiries asking only the price of the puppies.
Thank you in advance.

What comes with the puppy?
Puppies come with CKC non breeding registration, microchipped,
vet checked, first shots, dewormed, one week raw food supply,
adjustable collar and puppy gift pack.
(Gift pack includes, 2 toys and a blanket)
Puppies come with 2 yr written health guarantee
covering hips/elbows, heart and kidneys.
A copy of the written guarantee is available by email apon request.
Please note, if your puppy is flying to you, no raw food will be sent.

Do you have a formal application?
We do not require you fill out a formal application.
Ideally you would email me with information about yourself and your family,
also your interests/activity level and expectations of your future dog
and your previous dog experience.
We also highly recommend coming out to meet
the dogs if you are within driving distance.

I urge to research and educate yourself as much as possible about Working Line GSDs.

They are NOT a colour, these are athletic, active and intelligent dogs that
require training and both mental and physical outlets.
If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, or your activities are not such that you
can include your dog, please rethink your decision to purchase a working line puppy.

We very much want our puppies to be succesful and
to become valued family members, the first step in that process is to offer you
all the information you need to make an informed decision about the breed.
Please contact me about any additional questions.

How does the Deposit process work?
I do not offer any "Add puppy to cart" technology.
and I do not accept Credit Cards.

I really want to hear from you and meet you
if possible, talk to you and answer your questions in advance of you
making the decision to purchase one of our puppies.

We ask $500.00 deposit to "hold" your place within a specific litter,
which of course comes off of the price of the puppy.
Frequently we are accepting deposits for puppies that are not yet born.
We have no control over the gender, or in some litters, colour split of the puppies.
If the puppy of your choice is not available then your deposit will be
transfered to the next available litter no monies are refundable.

Please Note
if the puppy of your choice is available and you decide
not to take the puppy for personal reasons your deposit is forfiet.

How does the Selection process work?
We do NOT select puppies before of 7 weeks of age.
Puppies are chosen in order of deposit,
this is the only fair method we have come up with.
We VERY much want our puppies to be successful in their new homes.
This requires the puppy being suitable for the home they are going to,
we will not dictate you have to take a certain puppy, we want to work
together to find the best fit for you/your family.
I would never want someone to be leaving with a puppy they were not excited
about BUT I reserve the right to not place any puppy in a unsuitable home.
A great deal of time and energy goes into evaluating each puppy.
Once the puppies are fully weaned, we really start to see them as individuals,
so after this age (7 weeks) we will start the selection process.

If you are reserving a puppy for sport or working venue
we can arrange independant puppy evaluation, but not before 8 weeks of age.

Non Breeding Contract?
I do not offer puppies with breeding rights.
For puppies purchased under the Non Breeding contract
we do not require early spay/neuter.

Do you ship puppies?
Yes, we are always shipping puppies within Canada,
we have puppies in every Province and Territory.
Flying puppies at 8 weeks of age is a very straight forward procedure,
all booking and payment is taken care of on our end.
Typical costs for shipping within Canada are approx $450.00
including the flight and the crate the puppy travels in, which is purchased new.
We do not charge above the cost to for the flight and the crate,
you will only pay what it actually costs us.
The puppy's flight will be booked and you are provided with email confirmation.
Full payment for the puppy and shipping must be received
no later than 24 hrs before the puppy's flight.
Due to travel restrictions we cannot offer flights to the USA.
You are welcome to contact me about alternatives to flying.
Please note, for puppies that are flying no Raw Food will be sent.

Do you accept payment plans?
With regret,
unfortunately based on past experience we cannot accept payment plans.

Are the puppies Registered?
The puppies are registered thru the Canadian Kennel Club.
Your paperwork will come to you in your name within 6 months,
usually earlier. All puppies are on non breeding registration.

When can we visit our puppy?

You can visit any time after 7 weeks of age,
you will need to make appt .

When can we pick up our puppy?
You can pick up your puppy after 8 weeks of age,
you will have to pick up in order of deposit.

Do you provide references?
I am happy to provide direct references and/or information about past sibling litters.
If you are interested in hearing what our past puppy clients are saying about our dogs,
please check out our
Testimonials page.
Again a heartfelt Thank you to everyone that took time to write one.

Do you have older puppies for sale?
We do occasionally have older puppies for sale,
please contact me if you are looking for an older
puppy or an adult dog.

What do you feed your dogs?
All our adult dogs and puppies eat a completely Raw diet.
Your puppy will be raised on Raw food and sent home
with a 7 day supply of Raw.
I am more than happy to put you in touch with a nutritionist
if you need more information about raw diets.

Please visit Angel Leandres, Certified Animal Nutritionist at
K9 Instinct
Or Meagan Certified Animal Nutritionist at
Mayrich Kennels

Do you offer training services?
I am not a certified dog trainer,
we are more than happy to recommend trainers within your area.
You are always welcome to contact me with any questions you have,
if I cannot help I will do my best to put you in touch with someone that can.

Do you offer Boarding?
Unfortunatley we cannot offer boarding services,
we do not have a kennel enviroment and most
often we have puppies in our home,
their welfare is our first and foremost concern.
We are thrilled to be able to recommend
Mayrich Kennels
in Belwood, which is 15 minutes from us.
Meagan is very experienced with GSDs
and has a second to none facility.

Best way to contact you?
Oh Gees!!!
Anyone that has tried to contact me by phone will say NOT that way!
I am sorry, but I am never in the house,
and I do not carry my cell phone outside.

The BEST way to reach me is email.


The next best way is Text


I appreciate your interest in my dogs, and do not take it for granted.
Sincerely Kathy

Thank you again for taking the time to review the FAQs,
we greatly appreciate it.

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