Herding Instinct Tests!
Shep 2010
Foxy 2010
The Sheep 2011
Darwin 2011
Wild Winds Black Bart
Gigi 2011
Wild Winds Greta Garbo
Nina 2011
She almost herded...it was close..lol!
Mia 2011
More Mia!
Mia LOVES sheep!
Bella is crazy excited about the sheep!
Wild Winds NAA Black Widow
Bella 2011
Lexi 2011
Lexi and sheep showdown!
Me with Gigi, Nikki with Nina and Mia,
John with Lexi and Bella, and Jay behind camera...
what an awesome way to spend Father's Day, we had a blast!
Girls hanging out in the shade after herding.
John bringing baby Thor up to watch.
Thor crashed on truck seat...one tired puppy
even watching herding is exhausting.
Tikki 2012.
Thor 2012.
Rocky 2012.
Thanks to Everyone at Woolagon Farms and the BSDCC!
This was so much fun!
Also thanks to Jim from Spirit Ridge for taking the pictures.
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