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Kao is returning Jan 2017 to Stud duties at
Boom Lake's GSDs
I cannot say a big enough Thank You to my friend Trina for allowing us to have him :)
We are really going to miss him, and look forward to seeing him again soon.

See Kao's first puppies with us Floyd and Sugar
Kao von Wendelin

We Thank Trina of Boom Lake's GSDs ,
for allowing us to have Kao on lease in 2016.
We wish them the best for 2017 as he returns to Stud duty at home.

Kao is a stunning male and has a temperament second to none.
He is confident and outgoing, one big happy and friendly guy!
I am very much looking forward to having some fun with Kao
at herding and hope to title him late this Fall, he showed exceptional ability
at his HIC and a very high desire to please after only being with us for one week!!
I was so pleased with him!
Kao shows extreme desire to track and excellent problem solving ability.
He is a great pup, he is super easy to train and a total joy to work with.
Kao is highly affectionate and very willing to please.
He has a great sense of humour
and a calm and easy going manner.
He loves the ball and is eager to work, but enjoys relaxing too.
Kao has an outstanding pedigree, we were so happy to have the opportuntiy
to bring him into our breeding program,
and we feel he will be invaluable to cross with both Shep and Thor daughters.

Kao's sire is
SG Cert z Kolovecskeho Mlyna SCHH3, FH2
his mother is
V Ginger von Wendelin, IPO3

Other accomplished Czech line dogs in Kao's immediate family
SG Larry ze Stribrneho Kamene, SCHH3, IPO3
V Xac z Pohranicni Straze, ZVV2, IPO2, SCHH1, ZPO1, FPR3
V Pluto z Pohranicni Straze, ZVV2
VD Jupp z Jirkova Dvora, ZVV1
V Navar Hronovsky, ZVV3
and the outstanding working female
SG Bemoan Bee,
V Culigan z Pohranicni Straze, ZVV1

We are so excited about retaining several of Kao's puppies
as potential working and breeding prospect in the future.
We feel his genetics will be a great contribution to our program going forward.
His wonderful temperament and looks will live on here thru his offspring..

Kao is Vet weighed at 120lbs,
He is a huge boy and has correct conformation and beautiful ear set.
Kao has heavy bones and very little angulation.
He is a handsome boy with a fantastic temperament.

Kao has in house cleared X-rayed and will be certified thru OFA at 2 years old.
He is N/N for DM thru OFA.
for more information about Kao
please contact us,
or by phone 519-848-5554
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