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Most Recent pics
Herding Instinct Certificate
Herding Instinct Certificate
First two legs of Rally O Novice
Achieves Novice Rally O (MCL)
Achieves CGN
with Nikki and Jay.
Sara 2010
with Me.
Boom Lakes Black Magic
Checking out the grass.
'Wild Winds Ladysingstheblues"
aka "Ebony"
Ribbons, nice work!
Rocky Gigi and Bella Akeelah, after making mud pies. Poor Akeelah is exhausted!!
Ruby, beach baby. Ruby shares pillow, nice girl. Ruby. Ruby fishing, great picture Sarah!.
Penny Penny in the pool, well half in. Scarlet. Scarlet.
Miss-T 2010. Miss-T 2010 Roxy 2010. Zara 2010.(Nina/Shep)
Hogan, 2010.
Hogan, 2010.
Hogan, 2010.
Gigi, Shep/Nina. Gigi, Shep/Nina. Gigi, loves the ears. Gigi and Bella.
Rio Rio and Foxy. Rio Rio
Shep, 2010 Mia, 2010
soaking wet..lol.
Lexi 2010. Foxy, 2010
Luther (Sophie/Shep)
this is great, GO LUTHER!
Luther with buddies. Bella, Mia/Shep. Bella.
Fight over my shoe! I need that back! Race for the ball. Shep wins..lol!
Lacey, 11 weeks (Sophie/Shep) Nitro, 8 months(Mia/Shep) Darwin, 8 months (Lexi/Shep) Darwin, 8 months (lexi/Shep)
Lacy, 6 months (Lexi/Shep) Lacy Lacy. Lacy
Rocky, 10 wks Rocky, 10 wks Rocky, bunny hop! Rocky, 12 weeks
Rocky Flys!! Rocky Christmas Rocky flips dish...lol Poor poor Rocky!
Rocky Gait Rocky Trot Gigi 2011 Gigi, Bella and Rocky.
Bella 2011. Lexi 2011. Rio 2011. Sophie 2011.
Molly 2011 Molly 2011 Bella Rio and Molly
Miss-T snow! Miss-T Flys! Miss-T 2011 Poor Romeo and Emm blizzard.
Maja (Shep/Sophie) Maja (Shep/Sophie) Ilsa (Shep/Sophie) Ilsa (Shep/Sophie)
Hanna (Shep/Nina) Hanna (Shep/Nina) Torah with Foxy puppy Shep practicing "the Jump"
Bonny (Shep/Nina) and Nana Eddie (Shep/Sophie)
a beautiful boy!!!!!
Chance (Shep/Foxy) Sasha (Shep/Foxy)
Jax (Shep/Mia) Monster (Shep/Mia) Bruce (Shep/Lexi) Butch (Shep/Lexi)
Rocky Pond 2011 Rio Pond 2011 Rocky, Bella and Gigi watching
Tina and Rio running.
Gigi and Nina get CGN!
Nikki and Romeo at the Fall Fair. Nikki and Romeo First Ride. Winnie 2010. Winnie, Charge!
Winnie plays the 'Black Stallion" Winnie
Mr Handsome
Winnie.....charge! Winnie... I love you!
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