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Thank you to everyone that has sent puppy pictures...Please keep them coming!
Duke having coffee!
Luther 2011
Lucy 2011
Thor!!! Seriously jetlagged puppy!
day after Thor arrived.
Thor is obsessed with shoes.. LOL..Thor helping build the deck!
Rocky, 11 months Rocky and Thor playing. Indian Runner Ducklings....lol
herding anyone?
Big nose Sheppy checking out the ducks!
Sasha, 8 months
Sasha (Shep/Foxy) Abbey (Shep/Foxy) Bear (Red/Lucy)
Rocky diving for the ball....haha! He GETS it! Good Work Rock. Bella watching Nikki throw the ball. SOAKING wet sable puppies
Bella loves the ball Pete (Shep/Mia) great focus. Pete working on the treadmill. Rocky and sable puppies in lockdown.
Shep Nikki throws it off the all go BIG SPLASH!
Lulu and Tikki playing with toys Thor wondering why I am looking at him. Lulu stares down swinging ball...ha! Tesla vrs tug.
Tikki Lulu Tesla after swimming and toys Tikki after swimming and toys
Lulu and Tikki keeping cool. Thor in the straw. Mojo six months. Lucy six months.
Shep has a mean momma! haha! no problem and off he goes...
Thor Tikki Lulu Titan first time at pond
Duke and buddy
Duke 2011
Jax with 'friend'
Jax 2011
Oakley (Shep/Lexi) Nadie and Tala sleeping
Nadie, 4 months
Tala, 4 months
Tesla, 7.5 months
Tesla, 7.5 months
Tesla, 7.5 months
Lucy, 5 months
Mo Jo with Nikki Monster
Thor and Gigi
just getting comfy!
Mia and Mo
Lola, 3 months
Pearl, 7 months
Brandi, 5 months
Brandi, 5 months
Thor and Henrik
Thor, Rocky and Henrik
Rocky and Henrik
Thor and Rocky
Lola six months Brandi 9 months Little Lena Big Red
Thor heeling. Rocky heeling. Lexi heeling. Shep heeling.
Thor Rocky Lexi Shep
Jazz (Shep/Sophie) Jazz (Shep/Sophie) Jazz (Shep/Sophie)
what a pretty girl!!!
Lucy (Shep/Foxy)
what a sweetheart :)
Buck visiting 2012
Buck 2012
Mo jo...tired...lol Sable boy...flying!!
Gigi Fall 2012
Rea Kingston visiting us
Kinstong playing
Lexi 2012 Lexi 2012 Lexi 2012 Lexi 2012
Thanks to Jim and Suzanne from Spirit Ridge Training and Rescue for the fun puppy day and of course the great pics too!!
Red on Contact trainer Red and Honey Honey does the Tire Jump Red does Tire Jump
Lucy with Marco and Lobo Red and Honey meet Marco,
He is just too cute!
Brandy loves Lobo!! Lobo, Brandy and Ochi
Sasha (Thor/Bella)
what a little beauty!!
Sasha (Thor/Bella) Sasha (Thor/Bella) Brandy, Lucy and Ochi
Thor Xmas Toy 2012 Thor Xmas Toy 2012 Thor with his new Frizbee Thor Xmas 2012
Red (Thor/Mia)
Xmas toys!!
Bella (Shep/Mia) Bella and Brandi
both Shep/Mia daughters
Bella and Brandi
both Shep/Mia daughters
Sheppy new Xmas toy!! Shep loves the new ball Happy Sheppy Shep with Xmas gift
Iskka and Rio...battle royal Iskka and Rio..play fight Iskka, Rio and Bella
Hmmmm ....Rio has Shep's ball...
Lexi and Tikki get CGN
Mom and daughter
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