What Our Clients Are Saying about Our Dogs!


Kathy, we would like to Thank you for breeding such an incredibly wonderful dog.
This is my 5th Working Line German Shepherd and the best of them all.

She is not only beautiful (people constantly stop me to tell me how beautuiful she is)
but playful, highly intelligent, social, confident and outgoing. She is a wonderful dog to have around.
The first few months were a challenge as you know, until you gave me tips on how to stop her biting as a young pup.

Today at 1 year old she is a dream to be with. She spent one month in training and boarding
and the trainer said she was the most intelligent dog she has ever trained. She is great off leash with an instant recall even when chasing deer in the woods. And she just so smart and tuned into me at all times.

I look forward to continuing her training and challenging her to be the best that she can be.

I can't more highly recommend you and your dogs to anyone who wants a GSD.
Thank you!!

Nancy and Ken
April 2024


We are beyond pleased with our one year old sable male.
Kathy picked out the best puppy for our family.
We originally wanted a GSD for our daughter with special needs
and of course for a family dog as well.

Brody is the most loving, gentle, and patient dog with our
ten year old daughter who has Autism and Down Syndrome.
They have grown to be best buddies.
Brody also loves everyone he meets as well as other dogs on our walks.
Our Obedience Trainer said what a well behaved and beautiful disposition he has.
We are always getting positive comments on how gorgeous he is and how friendly he is.
I would definitely go back to Kathy if we ever decided to get
another dog down the road. She has exceeded my expectations in a well rounded,
balanced breeder.
Thank you, Sandi and family


We purchased our puppy from Kathy Cecchin over two years ago, we are so pleased with Khian.


As we approach their 1year birthday these two puppies are maturing
into healthy, happy, and energetic dogs, with sound and stable temperaments.
Their play drive for the ball is only surpassed by their good looks.
They are wonderful in the house, calm and quiet, but always
‘on the ready’ to go out and play at every invitation.
This awesome ball drive has made the obedience training alot of fun.
We are often stopped by strangers, including our city police,
impressed with how handsome these dogs are!!
And yes while I agree, I am also quick to add they have the wonderful
temperaments to go with their great looks
They are friendly with strangers out in public and just the
right amount of guarding behaviour in the house.
We expect they will make great candidates for the St John’s Ambulance
therapy program once the training is in place.
We have no hesitation passing along Kathy’s name and website
to everyone we speak to.
Our last dog was a schutzhund gsd from German
working lines. So when it came time to look for our next dog(s)
we knew we wanted to repeat the working lines again.
After researching breeders and the pedigrees in their programs
we were thrilled to find Wild Winds GSD and Kathy.
We were impressed with not only the pedigrees that she has but
also the genetic testing she is doing.
It was a pleasure dealing with her through the multiple emails
and phone calls. We really appreciated the continued followup with
recommendations and research regarding spaying/neutering,
truly a dedicated breeder.
Although we have had 4 dogs previously, this would be our first time to
pick our own puppies and meet the parents Bella,Tikki,
and Thor. Both Kate, our daughter,
and Bruce were really pleased with the whole experience.
Kate just loved Bella, a real sweetheart!!!!
And Bruce was really impressed with Thor!!!
We have no hesitation recommending Kathy and
Wild Winds GSD to anyone who is interested in a healthy,
balanced german shepherd. My only wish is that we lived closer
so we could help out with the puppy socialization
and enjoy a ‘puppy fix’ again.
Great job Kathy and wish you much continued success.

Debbie and Bruce



"I obtained a dog from Kathy Cecchin almost exactly one year ago.
I am so incredibly happy with my dog.
He has a wonderful
outgoing and confident temperament, is friendly with
people and other dogs alike and is so smart
he can learn anything I am smart enough to teach him.
Not a day goes by that someone, including complete strangers,
stop and tell me what a great looking dog he is but more
importantly how well behaved he is. I would not hesitate to
recommend Kathy and her dogs to anyone looking
for an intelligent good tempered dog as a companion.
This all comes from the excellent dogs she has for breeding."



Our dog Gus is just what our family needed!
He is very smart (sometimes more than his owners) and very large,
which is great for security around our farm.
I like that he and his siblings were raised in a family surroundings,
this has made Gus a great "people" dog.
Kathy's knowledge and professionalism has helped us and Gus many times.
I would not think twice of recommending one of Kathy's
german shepherds to anyone!

Joe and Cheryl,
Lone Hawk Farms

"There is no better breed than the German Shepherd.
Highly intelligent and loyal. When my husband and I decided
we wanted another we did lots of searching for a breeder and glad we did.
From the first moment we met Kathy with her bright smile and
bubbly personality, we knew we had come to the right place.
The first thing she did was introduce us to Shep the puppies Dad.
What a handsome, friendly dog. Then it was in to the house to meet the pups that proceeded to come bounding out to meet us.
This was not at all what I thought a breeders place would be like. This was the family and pups home.
They were getting human interaction constantly from birth. Kathy had a whelping room in the house.
Not something outside in a kennel or barn. We brought our female GSD Meika home
(with her own blankee, toys and food) almost a year ago now and she has brought us an abundance of joy.
We could tell she was smart, loving and well adjusted from day one.
I have contacted Kathy many, many times since over her opinion on things like needles, heart worm, breeding etc.
She always amazes me as she is so quick getting back to us. I would highly recommend making one of
Kathys' Wild Wind German Shepherds part of any family".
Tom and Marlena

Miss-T (Shep/Sophie)
Roxy (Shep/Foxy)
Zara (Shep/Nina)
"I've always been very satisfied with Winds Winds pups,
some of my best dogs have come from Kathy...
she honors her commitment in being there for you if there are ever questions
she is a solid breeder and stands behind her dogs 100%..."
Trina Johnston Boom Lakes German Shepherds.


"We have been very happy with our GSD purchased from Kathy at Wild Winds
He is a happy, healthy guy that has grown into a
BIG boy that is joyful and loves everyone he meets.
He is a great representation of the breed in general
and we could not be more impressed with his temperament and looks.
Kathy has always been willing to answer our questions,
which were MANY at the start as we had not had a puppy in many years.
She has always expressed genuine interest and caring about the ongoing welfare of her dogs.
We would recommend her dogs to anyone."
Jeff and Michelle.

“We have already recommended Kathy to a number of other people who stop
us on the street and say ‘Where did you get that beautiful dog?’
Kathy was terrific in answering all of our questions and concerns
about the adoption of our puppy.
Her friendly, kind and motherly attitude shows through
in the gentle, easy-going dogs that she breeds.”
Mike and Susan


"He has the greatest personality and is just great,
Katharine and I can not say enough about him.
If you need any references I would be glad to speak with them as needed."
Regards, Brian


"Dear Kathy,
Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with are male
German Shepherd “Sniper” When I first went to
Kathy looking for a male German Shepherd she
informed me she was expecting a litter
in about a month. I sent Kathy a deposit.
Do to unforeseen circumstance the male I choose did not work out.
Kathy gave me the choice of having my deposit
returned or waiting for the next litter.
After much concideration I waited for the next litter.
Kathy kept in touch with me over the next couple months.
Finally in January, during a 3 foot snow storm a litter was born.
Having picked of the litter I choose Sniper.
Kathy and her husband were willing to drive 2 hours
to meet me at the Canadian boarder, which helped tremendously
as I live in US, PA. Kathy has since kept in contact with
me always ready to answer any question that I might have.
I would also like to say how EASY Sniper has been to train.
He is very well behaved and knows many commands.
Our favorite trick is to say “Would you rather go to work or be dead dog”
You guessed it he rolls over and acts dead.
We can not Thank Kathy enough for breeding such a wonderful dog.
He has been a wonderful addition to are family.
Keep up the good work.
God Bless
Melissa and Wild Winds Unknown Solider “Sniper”


Hi Kathy and John,
Abbey is a wonderful puppy she is growing up to be a beautiful dog
very strong and healthy. She is very friendly with people and gets along
great with our other german shepherd Izabella and my daughters
golden retriever Ginnie.
All our friends and neighbours just love her with her beautiful
black coat and white as can be teeth.
We find a lot of people didn't even know there were black shepherds.
Abbey is a very happy dog and we are having a lot of fun with her.
Down the road if we are ever to want another shepherd we would not
hesitate to purchase another shepherd from Wild Winds Shepherds.
Take Care and we will keep in touch.
Cathy and Greg


"Kathy, All I can say is I've got a new best friend.
I am VERY particular when it comes to choices in shepherds
in my life (Yes, always shepherds) and your faciltiy
had EXACTLY the breeding knowledge, background, style
and quality I expect in a German Shepherd.
My Holly rocks and right now, we are training for our next 10 km!
Thank you Kathy, you do all the work to produce such
lovely pedigrees for people like me. I'm truly grateful."


"We adopted Bruce in the spring of 2010 and we are
absolutely delighted with him,
He is a gentle and loving dog who is eager to learn.
Kathy was punctual and courteous in her dealings with
us and her knowledge about the breed is second to none.
It was a pleasure dealing with her throughout
the entire adoption process and we would not hesitate
to adopt another German Shepherd from Wild Winds."
Cheers, Cody


Kathy of Wild Winds has been a great breeder and has become a friend.
We contacted her when we were interested in another puppy
and when we were interested in a STUD for our girl.
Kathy and her family are the kind of breeders and family we
were looking for as they were real lovers of their
dogs and really enjoyed the breeding and in it for the right reasons.
They were very accommodating and helpful when we had to bring
our girl up to them to breed and kept in touch
with us during the time she was there with them.
Kathy is extremely knowledgeable and genuinely interested
in all her dogs and those pups she sells to others.
She has always been there when we needed
advice and has always kept in touch, interested to hear
about our pups and those who have purchased our pups.
We trust her and feel very comfortable with her breeding
knowledge and integrity.
Most important too, are how beautiful and bright these dogs
are and what a fabulous temperament!!
Joanne and Bob Stacey

Duke (Shep/Mia)

I had an excellent experience at Wild Winds when I purchased
my male German Shepherd pup Jax. I was able to see both
of Jax's parents (Shep and Mia) and some of Jax's litter mates,
which was nice to get a feel for what kind of pup I was getting.
Kathy has always been able to answer all of my questions
and has always been easily accessible by phone and email.
She is very knowledgeable in the GSD breed, pedigrees and is
very concerned about the well being of her litters.
I am so happy with how smart Jax is and how quickly he picks things up.
His temperament is very sound and he is a handsome boy,
just like his dad!
Jax loves to play, but is also gentle and great with kids,
adults and other dogs. I am also pleased with Jax's health,
he has grown at a reasonable rate and has no health problems.
When I decided to get another GSD, I will be going back to Wild Winds!


We named our dog Duke. He is now 16 months old.
He has been trained to be a family dog.
He is very good natured, listens well and is good with our other dog.
He seems to love the outdoors even when it's very hot.
We are very pleased with the dog and when he is seen by others,
people say he is a beautiful dog, which he is.
Rose & Joe

Duke (Shep/Nina)

"I contacted Kathy regarding her line of German Shepherds
after doing a lot of research. She was not available
when I originally called and I was told she would get back to me.
I had heard that from other breeders where I had left messages.
Kathy returned my call within 10 minutes and assured me she
would not sell the puppy I was coming to see without me
seeing her first. When I arrived Kathy was extremely
friendly and I was impressed with her obvious love of her dogs.
She answered all my questions and was never in any way
a "salesman" about her dogs. We have had our girl for two
and a half years and she is a wonderful member of our family.
Please be aware that German Shepherds are very "alpha" dogs
and our girl is very smart but also has a mind of her own.
She is obedient and listens well unless of course it involves a bunny!!!"
The Winklers

Aleeka (Shep/Sophie)

"My first interaction with Kathy was on the telephone. Dan and I had been looking at German Shepherd Breeders for some time.
Kathy and I spent nearly an hour on the phone, sharing dog stories
and enjoying that each of us had a genuine appreciation for the breed
and for dogs as family members in general.
When Dan and I arrived to meet Kathy and her dogs we were thrilled,
eager to choose our pet. Our intention was to chose a male
from a pending litter.
However, we left with Bonnie. We fell in love with her immediately.
Bonnie is now 9 months old. She is so lovely and easy going.
Smart and eager to learn, she is a quick study.
Instinctively protective and proud, Bonnie demonstrates loyalty
and passion without effort. She has been raised with children of varying ages
always having more tolerance than any dog owner would expect.
We take so much pride in showing off Bonnie. We frequently
receive compliments from family and friends amazed
with her temperament and disposition.
She is stunning in every way. At 9 months old Bonnie has quickly
and easily learned several commands and tricks alike.
Her leash training was easy and such a pleasure.
I have years of experience raising and training dogs.
Bonnie is by far the best dog we have had. German Shepherds
are by far my favorite breed to own and train.
However, I would never have expected to be so delighted and proud
as we are with Bonnie. We enjoy every day, watching her
grow and learn, she is a pure delight.
Stunning to look at, amazing to watch.
We are so privileged to have Bonnie at our side."
Liz and Dan

Bonnie (Shep/Nina)

"We purchased our puppy Lucy from Wild Winds 2 and a half years
ago and couldn’t be happier!
Lucy has proven to be a very quick learner and is eager
to learn new things. She has a wonderful temperament and we trust
her completely with our young family as well as any
visitors that stop in. Kathy has been wonderful to us throughout
the 2 and a half years. She is quick to answer any questions we may have
and continues to show an interest in Lucy’s upbringing.
When looking to purchase a male German Shepherd to breed with Lucy,
Kathy once again helped us to find a reputable breeder.
Our next German Shepherd will definitely be from Kathy and her gang!"
Jason and Rachael

Lucy (Shep/Foxy)

"We take our Mr Monster almost everywhere you possible can.
People are always coming up to ask us about him.
We are very proud pet parents. Monster is very much a people pup.
His personality is just wonderful. Loves playing with other dogs,
chase me and catch me with the stick or ball is the best.
Mr Monster is also a magnet for little kids. Can I pat your doggie?
He is great with kids.
We learned early on that Mr Monsters watches, learns and problem
solves quickly. We puppy proofed the house before bring Mr Monster home.
Baby gates and so on. Going up the stairs Monster soon realizes
going over the gate is not going to happen. He sat back took a long look.
Took a run and jumped between the second stair and hand rail.
Crawled under the rail looked at me pleased as punch and ran up the stairs
to see his mommies. Many more funny stories.
Penny and I looked and went to see many breeders.
We knew in a matter of minutes after meeting Kathy,
Shep and showing us around that this was it.
We where up to see to the pups when they were 4, 5 and 7 weeks old.
Kathy always made time for us before and after we took our
Mr Monster home."
Penny and Farrell

Mr Monster (Shep/Mia)

This is a picture of Chance at 7 months old. We are thrilled with this dog
and when its time to get another pup, we will be contacting
Kathy for sure. Kathy is a true dog person;
someone who really knows the German Shepherd breed.
When it was time to get another German Shepherd we looked carefully
at other breeders and settled easily with Kathy and her breeding programme.
Kathy feels responsible for each puppy that she breeds.
She has a policy of taking back the puppy if your situation changes
and you can no longer keep it.
Kathy makes sure that each one of her puppies matches the new owner.
She also wants to know how each puppy is doing along its lifetime.
She sees to it that each puppy has a wealth of experiences before they
are allowed to go to new homes. This is Kathy's way of setting
the pup up for success for its future life.
These pups are family-raised (in the house) with her children.
All of Kathy's dogs have the advantage of living on a 45 acre farm
and also being involved on a daily basis with her family.
They are exercised daily outside together and everyone has fun!!!
I love Kathy's black German shepherd sire: Shep.
What an honour to have one of his daughters as our next shepherd.
We now own Chance who is currently 9 months old. She is a dream come true.
Chance has a solid temperment, an easy going personality,
and she is loyal to us, her owners.
She is not bothered by thunderstorms at all; she will sleep right through them.
Thanks Kathy for our Chance!!!"

Chance (Shep/Foxy)

"Monte has been a member of our family for over seven months now.
He is a very handsome dog that will probably end up being just under 100 pounds in weight
(sorry I'm not sure about the kilogram conversion. I guess I'm showing my age!)
He integrated very quickly with our older dog and our cat (who doesn't let just anyone into his highly discriminating kitty heart!).
Monte has challenged our cat by catching more mice than the cat has and now I believe they have a friendly competition going on.
Monte has always displayed an even temperament which is needed in our house as we all lead a very active social life and there is always someone coming or going. What he doesn't know from the outset, Monte is willing to learn although sometimes he does have to learn from his mistakes, as is the case with most puppies: sadly there was a pair of shoes of mine that didn't quite make it past one of Monte's learning stages. We were particularly thrilled in that he was very easily housebroken and had less than two or three accidents. We were a bit apprehensive about taking him with us on holidays this summer: but he also made the ideal traveling companion. He even demonstrated the good sense to run away from a skunk before it sprayed him, which given how nosey he usually is, we found impressive. However, if you are looking at owning a dog like Monte, please be prepared to provide him, or her, with a fair bit of attention each day because dogs like this need challenges and mental stimulation. They can become easily bored which is when they get themselves into trouble. Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes an entire family to raise a dog. In return, the family has a loyal, entertaining companion for many years."
Cheers, Krys

Monte (Shep/Foxy)

Our Abbey is a beautiful girl. She is smart, people and dog friendly.
She is happy, healthy and a bundle of energy. I am always asked where she cam from and am more than happy to give them Kathy's name and sent them to the website. I am always going to the website myself to check our the new arrivals and thinking, hmmm maybe just one more.
Kathy was fantastic always quick to answer my questions and make herself available so that I could come and see the puppy "just one more time".
Even after Abbey come home if I had any questions or concerns Kathy was always quick to respond. She is very knowledgeable about her breed. Abbey was born in February and I was very happy to see that the pups were in the house, nice and warm, and not in a barn or shed with little interaction with people. I was also impressed when I was told that if for some reason the pup did not work out not to take her to the "pound", but to take it back to her and she would try to find a new home. I was amazed that she would do that.
Thank you Kathy!!!
Don't be surprised if I come shopping again some day soon.

Abbey (Shep/Mia)

l am writing this letter to tell everyone whay a great experience it was
dealing with Kathy and her knowledge with breeding and German Shepherds.
This is our 3rd Shepherd and my 4th.
We waited a while before getting another dog after l had my other one
put down and with my 2nd dog getting older l thought it was the right time to introduce a second shepherd into our lives. What a wonderful decision. Buck is no doubt the smartest, most beautiful loveable dog anyone has been around. He has such character and personality. He shows you things that really make you think how smart he is. l just ran into a older taecher of mine who has a GS and is getting older and told them where we got Buck and how impressed l was with the experience and no doubt l will go back in a couple of years to get Buck a buddy.
Thanks Rob, Pam and Jake
P,S. we need to get a bigger bed

Buck (SHep/Nina)

Penny is a wonderful dog. She has brought alot of joy to my husband and I. We have had other shepherds over the years
but none have been as perfect as she is. She is beautiful and alot of fun.
Penny will be 3 years old this November, but I think she thinks she is still a puppy ,
just give her a tennis ball that squeaks. I would reccomend Wild Winds to anybody who wants a shepherd.
We have had alot of nice compliments on her looks and people can't believe she is a shepherd
because they say you don't see black ones. She is a "Beauty" .
Kathy has been very helpful with any questions I've had and she always calls me back.
I would not hesitate to purchase another dog from Wild Winds.
Thanks Kathy
Marilyn and Bill

Penny (Shep/Foxy

In January of 2010 we decided it was time for us to get our first family dog.
We did a lot of research and we each came up with a short
list of breeds of dogs. On each of our lists was German Shepherd,
so began the search for GSD breeders.
Kathy was the third breeder that we went to visit
and before we arrived back home we knew we wanted
to get our puppy from her!
We loved that her dogs are a part of her family
and that the puppies
were socialized with people everyday. When we arrived at her home,
Kathy introduced us to Shep and Nina, our pup's parents and we were
impressed with their behaviour. As well, we were impressed with
the information Kathy shared with us about her dogs and her guarantees
of their quality of health. What impressed me most of all, however,
was the demonstration of her commitment to her dogs in that she would
take back any of her dogs at any time. I knew that this was someone who loved
all of her dogs and who truly cared about their well-being;
to Kathy this was not just business, but a huge part of her life
and family that she invested in with her heart.

So in June 2010 we brought home our girl, Willow. In the last year and a half our
pup has brought so much joy to our family - even more than we could imagine.
As first time German Shepherd owners we have had many, many questions
which Kathy has always taken the time to answer.
Willow's health is excellent and so is her temperment.
She always has us laughing and loves to pull pranks. She especially loves her job
of waking our 9 year old daughter up in the morning by pulling off her blankets
and giving lots of kisses!
She is an intelligent, beautiful dog who has become a huge part of our family.
When the time comes to get another dog, we would definitely get another GSD
and we would definitely go back to Kathy - her dogs are
everything she says they are and more.
Kelly, Mario & Katie

Willow (Shep/Nina)



People come up to us all the time and say what a beautiful dog you have.
We happen to agree...Lucy is a beautiful dog on the inside and out.
Lucy is stunning to look at with her soft and shiny coat,
and she has a great personality and is very smart.
Our little girl is 6 months already and loves to play and chase the ball,
but she also loves to cuddle.
Lucy is our first family dog and we could not be happier with her
and the expertise of the breeder Kathy.
Kathy went above and beyond in making sure all of our questions were answered
even before the litter was born and ever since.
Lucy is healthy, strong, athletic, happy, and has great even
temperament. We couldn't be happier with our new family member.
We recommend Kathy and her puppies to anyone.
Jannike, John and Thomas

Lucy (Shep/Foxy)

(Shep & Rio)
Dealing with Kathy from Wild Winds in purchasing Maverick our black
German Shepherd has been a very positive experience.
Kathy is very knowledgeable about this breed of dog and always available
to answer any questions you may have. We appreciated Kathy giving us the opportunity
to meet both of Maverick's parents.
This gave us a good indication of what their puppies temperament
and looks would be. Shep and Rio are very sociable, strong, friendly, beautiful dogs.
We have received so many positive comments from strangers about Maverick's
good looks and good disposition. He is confident and friendly
and does not shy away from people. Being raised inside Kathy's
home led to Maverick easily adjusting to his new home with us.
We take Maverick to puppy classes just to keep him socialized with other dogs
and he is always the first dog to be let off the leash because of his good manners.
He is very intelligent and loyal, always alerting us if someone has come
onto our property. Maverick is a wonderful dog to live with,
very gentle and calm. We are so pleased with him and feel that
Wild Winds produces such quality German Shepherds, we just purchased
another puppy "Kahlua" from Kathy.
Maverick and Kahlua make our house feel like a home!
Thanks Kathy.
Helen & Buck


Maverick(Shep/Foxy) and Kahlua (Thor/Mia)