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SG1 Xcorpio von SentinelHarts HGH


All pictures below are Courtesy and the Property of SentinelHarts GSDs

Scorpio SG1

Scorpio with Ulf
SG1 Xcorpio von SentinelHarts HGH
AKC Reg/ CKC Pending


OFA Good Hips/ Normal Elbows
Hips SV a1/ Elbows SV Normal
N/N for DM

We are beyond thrilled to welcome Scorpio to Wild Winds!

He is truly a dream dog to me, both in pedigree and with the coveted HGH Title.

I want to Thank Camilla of SentenilHarts for producing such a wonderful dog
and for her commitment and investment in his training.
Also very special Thanks to Leslie of Auf der Marquis for all of her help.

Scorpio was trained and trialled by Ulf Kintzel and achieved the HGH in Oct of 2019.

I am very much looking forward to getting to know Scorpio and having some fun with him.
I am sure he will think my small flock of sheep are not much a challenge
and I cannot wait to see what they think of him!

I will definitely be writing a more detailed bio once Scorpio has
settled in with us and we have spent some time together.

Both Leslie and Camilla have said he has a wonderful sense of humour
and thinks he is quite a comedian.
This sounds much like Shep..who was so serious when he was working ,
but a clown and born entertainer when he wasn't!

Purchasing Scorpio was a huge decision, and certainly not one taken lightly.
I want to Thank Meagan of Mayrich Kennels who encouraged me
and as always was willing to take time to talk !
My herding instructor, Renee...and my friend Teresa of von Kolblhaus
also supported me and I appreciate all of them greatly!

I truly hope bringing Scorpio to Canada will have a positive impact on Herding
and will help get people interested in such a great sport.

Scorpio has a pure DDR bloodline
I feel he has so much to offer to our breeding program,
he will be invaluable to cross with Shep's offspring

Scorpio's full pedigree is available on
German Shepherd Pedigree Database
Working dogs EU

His immediate family

V Viko von der Feuersaule IPO3
V Eis von der Angelika IPO1
BSZS V Don von den Wilden Teufeln SCHH3, IP3 FH2
SG Ultra Lommatzsch SCHH3, IPO3, FH1
SG Dago von Weltwitz SCHH3, FH1
SG Cita vom Kranich's Hof SCHH3

Scorpio is coat colour tested, recessive black
He does not carry recessive long coat and he is DNA'd
Hard copy of testing/ trial/show results available .

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