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Thank you to everyone that has sent puppy pictures...Please keep them coming!
Shep Shep's first puppies 'Sarg' (Sara/Pitt) 'Sophie' as baby
Shep the couch potato
7 months old
Mike...10 years young 'Shep' 8 weeks old 'Shep' one year old
'Sara' as puppy 'Shep' as a bird watcher
12 weeks old
Shep and Sid having a ball! 'Foxy' one year old
Shep and Sophie's puppies
Shep and Sophie's puppies
fall scenery
Shep and Sophie's puppies
Nikki in puppy mob
Shep Watching Welcome home, Jay! Willie and Teddy play tag. Shep and Lexi
Boys Run! First Snow! Teddy and Eddy. Exploring the white stuff
'Holly' (Sara/Pitt)
9 months old
'Turbo' (Sara/Gator)
one big boy!
'Prince' (Sara/Pitt)
9 months old
'Harley' Shep's son
4 months old
20 months old
She loves the water
Ears!! Puppies are too cute Lexi and Zena
'Max' (Sara/Gator)
4 months old
the sweetest boy ever!
'Charlie' (Sara/Gator)
7 months old
He LOVES the ball!
'Sophie' (Sara/Pitt)
10 months old
Sara and Mike taking a swim
'Kenya' (Shep/Sammie)
5 months old
wow, she is a big girl!!
'Kenya' (Shep/Sammie)
5 months old
What a beautiful face!
7 months old
Puppy Pile!!
The Flying Trot!!
12 years old,still going strong
'Kenya' (Shep/Sammie)
One year old
Happy Birthday!
(Shep and Foxy)
12 weeks old
'Johnny and Mack'
Boys and their toys!!
"Penny" 20 weeks old
I can't believe how much she
looks like Shep!
Our new girl
we are so excited to have her!
15 months old
she is getting so big!
with all the girls and
of course he has his ball!!!
Seven years old
starting to get gray!
what a cutey!!
it really is a dogs life!
wearing a hockey sock
after his bath.
Help! I am stranded!!
4 months old
'Hogan' (Shep/Sophie)
5 months old
Are you allowed on the couch?
3 months old
that looks comfy!
Merry Christmas!
What did I get?
'Sarah 2009'
'Bella 4wks old' 'Nina 2009'
'puppies 2009'
what a beauty!
'Roxy' (Shep/Foxy)
enjoying a winter wonderland!
can't wait to get going!
puppies can sleep anywhere!
now retired
lifetime earnings $288 000
'Thinga Me Bob N'
right after he arrived
from New Zealand
'Stay Steady'
the prettiest colt
'Pokey' at PPG games
John with yearling colt 'Fiesty' at two years old Our barn
Everyone waiting for supper!
'Wilby Fiesty' hours old
School Bus! Shopping for Yearlings Our Family Gramma driving the cutter.
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